mauve flowers

Resources for taking better photos

The photos which appear on this page are mine. They are copyrighted

This is yet another photographer site. As my photos are not all beautiful, I will show you some other sites where the photography is brilliant. I provide resources as to why photos do work and why they don't. I'll be giving you resources for other photography sites, tutorials and places to sell or just show your photography.

My new macros

My first zoom shot

A Whitsunday shot

Using the zoom for birds

This one is published at Vistit Melbourne


To see my photos on 500px you do have to connect via Facebook or Twitter. You won't be disappointed if you like looking at photos. And a few extra votes for my photos won't go astray.

My images on 500px

My photos on Flickr

Here are my photos at Google +. You can go to Photos and then Edit from there, which replaces Picnik, a now defunct online Google editor.

Here is one place I sell my images

If you need hosting, I cannot recommend my own host enough. It is called Host Nexus and every time I've had a problem with my hosting, I take out a ticket and I get support almost instantly.

There is also a forum for support and an easy to use Control panel.