New Canon Macro Lens EF 100mm USM

New Canon Macro Lens EF 100mm USM

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Here it is finally. I bought this lens from Amazon. I bought it because it was recommended to me by a photographer I know. I saw several  of her images and just had to have that lens. You can see that photo here.

Well, it’s a great lens, not that I can use it too well yet. It is great because you can use it as a normal lens and as a macro lens. It goes from F2.8 to F32. I’m advised to use it at about F11 for normal shots, but of course I wanted to see what I could do with an F2.8 shot.

It is a heavy lens, much heavier than my ordinary lens, so it is very difficult to hold it still for photography. I used a tripod and release button yesterday and this morning used it without. It takes practice to get things in focus, that’s for sure. Now I’ve only been taking test shots round the house. We have poor light and rain at the moment.

What did I find out? Although it has both automatic and manual focus, using the automatic is just hoping it gets what you want in focus, in focus. Using manual focusing is much better. It seems not to have an image stabilizer to it. That makes it more difficult to get things in focus, surely the most elementary element of photography. Of course the further away the subject matter, the easier it is. It does take a really crisp photo of things in the distance.

I’ll show you here how manual focus can change what you focus on better.

Now here is an image in poor light, but the best I could do holding the camera by hand.








You can see that not all of the feather is in focus with an Fstop of 2.8.

Other EXIF data.

100mm focal length, 400 ISO, F2.8, 1/6 exposure.

When some sun came out, I took this photo. You can see the magnification







Here’s to more practice!

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  1. I would love a macro lens, but it will be a long time before it reaches the top of my list. A wide angle lens will come first, and probably a camera body upgrade too. Nice photos. I see why you love the lens.

  2. Yes, I’m looking for a wide angle lens I can afford too. My photographer friend says the lenses are more important than the body, though I would like to upgrade the body too one day. I just bought a zoom after using one recently

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