Kinglake, 4 years after Black Saturday, 7 Feb, 2009

Kinglake, 4 years after Black Saturday, 7 Feb, 2009

    I decided to drive up to Kinglake today, 4 years after the worst bushfires in Australia. The area around here became the worst impacted in the state, with a total of 120 deaths and more than 1,200 homes destroyed. Even I knew two people in St Andrews who died. It was a terrible […]

Backing up your photos

Image via CrunchBase While the bushfires were raging in Victoria, Australia, I’m sure many of us were thinking what would we take with us if we were in a hurry and we knew our house would probably burn down. Many think of their photo albums, but these days most of our photos are on the […]

Sex between teachers and students

A few years ago, the talking point on radio was about two different cases of teachers having sex with underage school kids. This happened in Victoria, Australia. One case was about a man who was married and a PE teacher in a school. He was charged with sexual penetration with a minor (a girl). He […]