The wibiya web toolbar

The wibiya web toolbar

Image via CrunchBase The wibiya web toolbar should be showing at the bottom of this blog. You can add information to it, delete what you don’t want and use it to see your stats. Of course you need to alter the settings to suit your blog or web site. I think it’s great because you […]

See your external links

I have come across a free external link manager. It is called e-referrer What you do is sign up and they will collect referrers for you which appear on your blog or web site. I first thought that these kind of back links were alien to Google, that Google didn’t like them, but I tried […]

My site was hacked

Image via CrunchBase I received an email from Google to notify me that I had malware on my site. When I went to the offending pages I saw, “Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer” No-one could see the information. What to do? The email had a link to Webmaster tools (You […]

Keyword extractor

Image via Wikipedia Have you ever wondered why some websites end up higher on search engine results than others? Now there’s a new tool to add to your search engine analysis – AnalogX Keyword Extractor! AnalogX Keyword Extractor (KeyEx) extracts all of the keywords off of a webpage, and then sorts and indexes them based […]

Free image hosting sites

Click through to see the plexo You can use these sites to find appropriate photos for your blogs or Squidoo. You can also upload photos to them as a way of storing them off your computer or sharing them with friends. Source: Related articles by Zemanta Squidoo (


I have tested out the site and you get thumbnails for all your web sites. TinyFav is a site where you put in all your favorite links, and get one tiny little link back! With this single new tiny link, whenever you go to it, it will randomly select one of the sites you put […]

How to learn web design and blogging

You know when I started designing web sites, blogs didn’t exist. My first web site was made with Microsoft Publisher and a little bit of HTML knowledge. Pretty well every web site then took an age to download, even if I had had cable then, and had heaps of large graphics and lots of animated […]

Web design tips for beginners

You don’t have a web site yet It’s very difficult to keep up with the changes to web design these days. Some of the flash sites we’ve seen are particularly brilliant, some are not. Making a web site without buying Photo shop, paint shop pro and dreamweaver will leave your site fairly plain. That may […]

How to make money with digital photography

I have been a photographer for many years and have done courses and developed my own photos. Now though, I only use a digital camera. I first had a Canon Power Shot S30 and now have a Canon EOS 1000D . I bought a digital camera very early on and paid a fortune at the […]